VBA lock & unlock
Excel VBA project protection / unprotection tool



Lock / unlock and hide / restore VBA projects.

Locking can be special locks and shared locks.
A special lock allows you to guard against unlocking methods that are widely available on the net.

Unlocking is usually password lock, special lock, and shared lock.
Therefore, almost all locks can be unlocked.
You can also unlock with the lock function of this tool.
It also turned out that the camouflage source can be released.

Hiding hides the standard module source.
After hiding, you will not be able to refer to the standard module source.
You can hide the add-in format files to prevent the source from being displayed in LibreOffice.
->In LibreOffice source can no longer be displayed only by locking regardless of the file format.

Restoring restores the hidden standard module source.
It is not always successful.

Supports Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Access VBA projects.

Hiding(Non-restorable mode) + locking gives a fairly strong protection.
(It is not 100% irrevocable.)
You can unlock protection other than the above by unlocking + restoring.

Freeware that works with Excel 2013 or later.


Main screen


VBA lock & unlock 1.61(2022/01/15 update)

Changes in the latest version

  • Improved unlocking accuracy.

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