Regular Expresion Find
regular expression dialog add-in for Excel

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- regular expression find and replace dialog add-in for Excel -

Excel add-in that shows dialog of find and replace by regular expression.
Install this, you can do flexible search by regular expression in Excel.
Easy to use because interface is similar to excel standard find dialog.
There are following functions mainly.
- Find and replace by regular expression
- Worksheet functions by regular expression
- Data extract (substitute for regular expression auto filter)
- Find, replace, grep, and grep replace in auto shapes
- God speed grep and grep replace in Excel files
You can customize shortcut key of dialog open.
Introduction is easy because you install and uninstall automatically.
Runnable by Excel 2000 later.

It's freeware.


Screen shot

main window (mini2)
main window (mini)
main window (full)
setting tab
sub window


Regular Expression Find 4.30 (2018/02/18 updated)

Update of this version

Before 4.19 to after 4.20, you can't do auto update. Please do manual update.

After 4.24, default open shortcut key is changed from Ctrl + R to Ctrl + Shift + R.

  • Grep speed gets faster.
  • Fixed error that find sometimes doesn't work correctly when fomula error cells exist.
  • Fixed error that occurs with many range selection.
  • Fixed eroor that find sometimes doesn't work correctly with many range selection.


If you use ver3.14 - ver3.16, please update at any cost. Because there is serious bug.
In some cases, process doesn't finish.
Very sorry for any inconvenience.

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